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Luxury Private Yacht

AED 450

Private Luxury Yacht Cruise Dubai

Dubai is called the city of gold for the tremendous growth it has seen in the economy, but it has also shown substantial progress in terms of attracting tourists from all around the world, which leads this glitzy city to be one of biggest holiday hotspots on the planet.

Your vacation in Dubai is incomplete without taking a yacht trip sponsored by Dubai Safari Tours. The luxury cruises and tours around the waterways in the city give you the opportunity to go sightseeing in a unique and enticing way that allows you to settle for memories of a lifetime.

Private Luxury Yacht Cruises

Dubai Safari Tours make it considerably easy for you to go on cruises without spending overboard. We have a private luxury yacht for everyone that tours around a wide range of places of interest in the city to give you an exhilarating and satisfactory vacation.

Luxury Yacht Charters Dubai

The company also has quite a few packages and deals for you to choose from to suit your personal preferences and needs. Starting from AED450, choice of packages includes plans for a single person, a family, a larger group or an even larger vacation party from a company.

Dubai Safari Tours bring you the most refined private cruises available in the city for cheap deals with room for customisation. Make the best of a vacation in Dubai with us and you would be going back home clutching into an unforgettable and thrilling memory which makes you want to come back for reliving the days of limitless fun.