UAE Tours Packages

Famed for its iconic skyline touching buildings, shopping paradises, and opulent cities, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a popular global tourist destination for family tours and lavish escapades. However, when you dig a little deeper, the UAE has more to offer tourists than just glitzy destinations and architectural marvels.

When planned well, holidays in the Emirates can be made more versatile by tapping into the nation`s rich cultural heritage and natural attractions. The stark beauty of the Arabian Desert, the picturesque coastline and the rugged terrain offered by the Hajar Mountains are more than capable of feeding an adventurer`s soul.

UAE Holiday Tour Packages

At Dubai Safari Tours, we are a reputed UAE holiday tour agency based in Dubai striving to bring you the most unique experiences in the UAE at amazing deals. Our packages for tours to the Emirates are tailored to suit every kind of traveller, available at reasonable costs to avoid burning a hole in your pockets. We offer steal-away deals on all our trips whilst taking care to ensure that you do not have to compromise with your preferences. When you book a package with us, rest assured that your UAE holiday will be a memorable one.

Tourist Attractions in the UAE

Abu Dhabi:Housing the incredible Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and forming a base to explore the daunting summit of Jebel Hafeet, Abu Dhabi is a constant fixture on the itinerary of every traveller`s stay in the United Arab Emirates. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an architectural masterpiece, which combines a modern design with the craftsmanship of yore to present a dazzling gem of neo Islamic architecture.

Dubai: The majestic citadel of Dubai is the most sought-after destination in the UAE. Boasting of beautiful artificial beaches, luxurious hotels, spas, resorts, the old world charm of the Bastakia quarter, countless irresistible shopping districts, amusement parks, the Dubai Creek Dhow Ride and the world`s tallest building Burj Khalifa, the treats that Dubai has in store are simply endless.

Sharjah: With its renowned Sharjah Arts Museum and the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation, Sharjah is the place to visit if you wish to delve into the cultural heritage and artistic treasures of the nation.

Hajar Mountains: The rugged Hajar Mountains coursing through the desert expanses lined by zigzagging undulating roads and dotted with quaint villages offer amazing visuals to explorers. The region presents splendid hiking, bird-watching, and trekking opportunities for adventurers to utilize.

Fujairah: With mountain-clad landscapes overlooking the coastline, the wild beaches at Fujairah are amongst the most picturesque ones in the United Arab Emirates. Resorts here offer the opportunity to indulge in snorkelling, diving, jet skiing, and paddle-boarding. The historic Al-Bidyah mosque, the oldest in the Emirates is yet another attraction here.

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