Morning Desert Safari Tours Dubai

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If you wish for a surreal day-long experience around the desert landscapes at fantastic deals, we are the morning safari trips agency you should choose. No matter what your preferences, you can rely on us to take care of everything.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Sparkling with verve and fizzing with the zest of life, the city of Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Home to some of the largest global businesses and thronged by more than 10 million tourists each year, it provides the best opportunities to combine business with leisure.

Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tours

Packed with a plenitude of marvellous sights to behold and a relaxing liberal atmosphere, the city is an excellent stopover destination to access all locations in the UAE. However, your trips here are never complete until you have witnessed the enchanting sand dunes bordering the city that are capable of enlivening all your Arabian fantasies.

At Dubai Safari Tours, we are morning desert safari trips agency of repute who specialise in offering surreal experiences during your stay in the UAE. Our enticing packages for the morning desert safari in Dubai are designed to provide you unrivalled deals whilst guaranteeing your pleasure regardless of your budget.

An Overview of Our Sunrise Desert Safari Tours

The hallmark of our conducted tours lies in the fact that they strive to accommodate all your desires at the most reasonable costs. We offer a wide array of packages at discounted rates for you to feel the thrill of the morning desert safari. The trip starts the early morning at sunrise to take you through the famed sand dunes dotting the vast desert expanses in your own 4×4 vehicle.

For those of you who are hardcore adventure freaks, you can undertake your expedition sitting atop a camel or even a quad bike. The unparalleled beauty of the desert, as the golden rays of the early morning sunlight it up at sunrise, makes for a spellbinding sight. As the adventure trails on, our trips treat you to all the Arabian flavours that you long to taste.

Morning Desert Safari Packages Dubai Deals

Our morning desert safari tours pack a punch in terms of the delights in store for you. Apart from picking you up and dropping you off at your desired alighting point in Dubai, they include sampling authentic Arabian cuisine, an exclusive camel ride, a personalized Henna session and refreshing beverages to help you beat the sweltering desert heat.

They also offer you the chance to raise your adrenaline with Sand boarding and Dune-bashing amidst the picturesque Arabian sand dunes. Not limited to this, our packages treat you to an exotic belly dance show and take you on a visit to a desert camp as you get your photographs clicked with an eagle wearing traditional Arabic costumes.